"Knowing how something works is not

the same as knowing how to build it"

 In the world of development, technical expertise is NOT enough.


Working closely with our customers, we design project solutions that meet the investment wishes and capacities of our customers reflect state-of-the-art technology and are carried out to perfection.

Virtual Media Development


Fly Splash3D
Fly Splash 3D 
New game realised

After  UFO Attack 3D we have realised new 3D game Fly Splash!

Fly Splash HD game is a fun game for all generations. Flies attack with their weapons, and your task is to attack them back. In attack, you can use a water gun, water balloon or water jet. By moving your device up, down, left and right, calibrated sight and hit flies.

Attacks flys flies before they attack you with water or balloons.

Fly Splash HD

Fly Splash 3D and HD game is Available for Android and Black Berry OS.

New CMS based on open code Joomla was lounched
New realestate portal realised


We launched a new portal for real estate market "trznica-nepremicnin.com". It’s easy to import all information about real estate. Agencies can import more real estate ads at the same time. It also allows you to import videos, Google map with exact location, and saves your time with a new and really efficient quick search of all real estate. We implemented two very easy paying systems: “Pay Pal” and “Mobile transaction”.